Client List and Links


My Services:
Atomic Direct DVD Packaging Design & Web Design
Blanchard Consulting Group

Website Banner Design & Website Maintenance
• Video Production (click here to see In The Dance Video)
• CD & DVD Order fulfillment services

Rhea Bishop Design Photoshop Magic - Rhea is a wonderful graphic designer and she enlists me for support services clipping images, powerpoint file prep, and other design work (primarily in Photoshop)
DanielaM Designed her website and took the more recent product photos you'll see on the website.
OCM USA Video Producer - Produced, filmed and edited an informative promotional video on their product, Scan123
Engaging Media Print Design - Promo Materials
Geobeats Videographer - In April '08 I started shooting videos of local businesses for Citysearch production partner, Geobeats. See my resume for a regularly updated list of The Citysearch videos I have filmed.
OHSU Photography - Brochure photography for the OHSU Center For Women's Health.
iStock video Stock Videographer - I was accepted as of Feb '08 and will have videos uploaded to them as soon as I make some time to upload the files.
Planet PinkNgreen Videographer/Editor - See my planetPINKnGREEN video page for details.
Shutterstock Video Stock Videographer - I was accepted as of Feb '08 and I only have two videos that are live so far . . . more to come.
The Answer Graphic Design - DVD packaging and other print and web promo materials for their Best Year Of Your Life series
Sinai Family Home Services Web Design - simple web design by severely customizing free templates (using phtooshop and NVU)
Healthy Geckos Web Design & Google Ad Word Campaign - Okay, it's my sister and brother's site and I did it for fun . . . so maybe that doesn't count as a client - but I did design the site and the Google Ad words campaing I set up for them is generating sales.
Caelestis Productions freelance event photography & executive Portraiture


What it does:
Open Source Flash Player add flv videos to your website
Wordpress My favorite tool for building websites of all shapes and sizes Free
Adobe Color Picker My favorite way to match or pick colors - if you are into design or color, you must check out this site. Free
Google Keyword Tool This tool makes picking the strongest key words a breeze! I think everyone with any business interests at all should know about and regularly use this powerful tool! Free
Senduit send files up to 100MB Free
Digg My personal asessment is that a lot of tech saavy people us Digg. Because of that, I love to use digg to find popular plugins, free website themes, great tutorials and tons of other useful and useless tech info. Free
Convert to Flash (FLV encoding) I don't own flash, so until I learned about this software - I had a really hard time figuring out how to convert my videos to flv files for the web. Now, it's a breeze.  If anyone knows of free software that does this good of a job, let me know. $39
Mpix This is my favorite site for ordering prints and other photo merchandise. They offer top-quality products and services. Free
Zenfolio Zenfolio is not free, but it is very user friendly and it allows me to make pricelists and sell prints - which get fulfilled through Mpix. Paid
Flickr This is the best site I've found for sharing photos.  It's really easy to use, has a great uploader tool, and you have complete control over all of your preferences. Free
Google Docs Okay, why do I need to link to Google?  Well, Google Docs is a great tool for sharing info.  There are no emails to keep track of and you can set it up so other people (or clients) can access (and modify) the same document. Free